About FCC North Texas



Families with Children from China - North Texas (FCC-NT) is a nondenominational, non-profit organization for prospective, waiting and adoptive families who have adopted, are waiting to adopt or are interested in adopting children from China. We are a chapter of a national network of families known as Families with Children from China whose primary goals are:

  • To provide our children the benefit of connecting with friends who share a similar background, cultural identity and experience, with the goal of forging friendships among peers who share their unique heritage.
  • To help families form bonds and a network of support with other parents and children who understand and have experienced the complexities of building families through transracial adoption.
  • To help our children cultivate and strengthen their connection to their heritage by celebrating and learning about Chinese culture by sharing cultural celebrations and other events designed to strengthen cultural awareness.
  • To encourage adoption from China and support waiting families, as well as advocate for and support children remaining in China.

FCC North Texas is an all-volunteer organization run by and for our membership.  The ideas for the events, programs and activities like the one you are attending today and the volunteers who make them come to fruition all come from our community—adoptive families just like yours.  Members and volunteers make FCC North Texas happen and keep on happening for our precious children. So, please consider joining FCC North Texas.  

Want to help keep this organization strong for your family and others touched by adoption from China in our area? Contact us at info@fccnt.org

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