Welcome to FCC North Texas



Families with Children from China - North Texas (FCC-NT) is a nondenominational organization primarily composed of families who have adopted (or are interested in adopting) children from China. The purpose of our organization is to share information and to support each other, as well as to celebrate the gift of our children by striving to better the lives of orphans around the world. Our membership is open to anyone interested in furthering these efforts through adoption, education, financial contributions, and/or moral support.  

There are two ways you can connect with FCC North Texas. If you are on Facebook, you can ask to join at www.facebook.com/groups/fccnorthtexas.

To join our Yahoo group, go to: groups.yahoo.com/group/FCC-NorthTexas and click on "Join this Group" (in the upper right corner). This list is intended to help North Texas FCC families (and families to be) connect with each other regarding adoption resources, ideas, and special events. If you have any questions about or problems with joining the list, please contact: FCC-NorthTexas-owner@yahoogroups.com